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Social media is successful exchange

Posted on: 2009/11/17

Social media is like American dream where anyone capable of it has the chance to succeed.

People care about: language barriers, digital divide, media literacy, insufficient personal competencies, subjective truths and personal agendas.

Social networks gave us opportunity to become a creators and producers in virtual space in collective force.

The social media sites maintain open and participatory knowledge creation and content production, the system seems to rely on the people’s will to give or to aim at the successful exchange of whatever is at hand.

The successful sites have both – the content and people, but unfortunately, when the culture of the community perhaps does not suit the visitor (consumer) or the available networks seem to be too remote, the site will lose the user. People participate when they perceive that the participation has some value for them, e. g. gifts. The term ‘lurkers’, though, makes one wonder whether, at least in some situations, people await sort of effort from others in return.

Semi-open social media

Losing the control of copyright if the content is used and reused all over the media field. But the open policy is maybe even more problematic for the commercial media, music and movie industry that the public broadcasting companies.

The private public life

One of the biggest issues during the coming decade will be privacy. All social media is constructed to represent you: blogs, comments, yours list of friends, books or other interest, etc. ‘talking’ about you. Social media is your life’s mirror. The age of social media is a wet dream for stalkers. Suddenly, there is no need to keep someone tracking what we do and who we are, since we do it ourselves while documenting our own lives online. How to do this optimal?

  • Do it yourself – monitoring
  • Linkability
  • Snowball effect
  • Viral marketing

The interesting question is whether something unique vanishes during the commercialization: the original idea of the community, the spirit, the social cohesion.

The new media ecosystem

In principal, the new ways to collaborate with the former audience could give a positive turn to the development of journalism. But there is a danger that journalism is forgotten in this transformation proess. The ecosystem is also different in technological terms. When earlier everything was supposed to be managed on one’s web site, the social media has cracked this down. In the open media model, content is a stream that flows from place to place and that can be stitched to multiple places with major or minor changes by the people who have something to say on the issue. The question is not only how much one is ready to risk when letting the content loose, but how smart the team is to construct effective end-results from the available external source to keep the audience, and themselves, awake.

The industry is ready and able to adopt the tools that not just encourage, but are based on the culture of participation.


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